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Hemp Master CBD Flowers

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Hemp Masters delivers top shelf hemp flower to the market grown right here in the US. With farms between Oregon and South Carolina, we have flowers grown organically & with no pesticides. Billy Jean & Marilyn Monroe are greenhouse with BB King, Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder grown outdoor.

Hemp Masters is a reputable company that provides US grown Organic hemp buds. Currently, the company offers 4 different strains of hemp buds, which include Cardi B, Stevie Wonder, George Bush and Billy Jean. The four strains are original breeds that came into existence due to the natural cross breeding in the early hemp fields. Therefore, the strains are unique and original, which means that you are less likely to get these strains from any other place. All the buds are packed in a nice quarter or eighth quality glass jars with fantastic labels. Moreover, all strains come with clean lab reports placed inside the glass jars. The Hemp Masters bud is available in smoke shops across all the 50 states in the United States, but you can as well request it if it is not available in your place

Best 2 Hemp Masters Buds Strains Review

Here we look at the two major hemp buds strains from Hemp Masters.

Bartier Cardi (Cardi B)

Bartier Cardi also known as Cardi B is one of the most popular hemp bud strains produced by the Hemp Masters. As mentioned above, the strain is made from organichemp buds grown in the US.

Why Choose Cardi B?

Offers a Great Smell

This hemp bud strain comes with a pinecone skunk smell that hits with hints of lemon or sweet citrus smell. The amazing flavor is on the mild side, which makes it ideal for any person looking for effective CBD hemp products.

Enhances Focus and Creativity

The Cardi B hemp bud strain provides instant effects and thus within a minute of taking the product you will experience haziness and relaxation. After a few minutes of haziness, you will have great motivation, clarity of thoughts and creativity.

Great Packaging

The Cardi B comes with an excellent packaging. The glass jar is strong and thick features amazing labels. Besides, the trimming of the buds has been perfectly done, which gives them fantastic quality and color

2. Super Dank CBD Flower (Stevie wonder)

The Stevie Wonder strain is another effective and popular product from Hemp Masters. It offers several health benefits as it also contains high CBD content than most CBD products.

Why Choose Stevie Wonder CBD hemp Strain?

Comes in Herb and Pine Flavors

The Stevie Wonder strain is available in a sweet, earthy and piney flavor when smoked. Moreover, all the buds have been perfectly trimmed to the right sizes.

Has Sweet Piney Citrus Scents

Just like Cardi B, this strain comes with a sweet, piney aroma type with skunk hints that will notice immediately after opening the glass jar. The sweet smell is amplified when breaking the buds up. This nice aroma is has a medium to mild strength, which makes it impressive for hemp.

Instant Relaxation

The strain also offers instant relaxation, which makes it one of the most potent hemp CBD products. Its effects are relaxing, euphoric and pain relieving. Therefore, the strain is ideal for people with anxiety problem or th2.ose with different types of mental disorders.

Bottom Line

Overall, hemp buds CBD are better than other CBD products such as CBD concentrates and extracts. I recommend any of the two hemp bud strains from Hemp Masters reviewed above because they offer instant health benefits and comes with an amazing smell and in various flavor.

However, Stevie Wonder strain offers more benefits as it is perfect for people suffering from anxiety and those with various types of mental disorders. It is also potentially effective in treating anorexia.


Which cannabis strains are highest in CBD, according to lab tests?

Cannabis Sativa: The Plant of Thousand and One Molecule.

Medical Marijuana: The State of Science.

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