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Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Pure Puffs Smoke shop is expanding in the CBD product. we provide variety selection of CBD. All the way from CBD Tincture, Edibles, Hemp Flower, CBD vape Juice, Oil Cartridges, cream, and more. check out our store today and get yourself educated of CBD.

The Rise of CBD Hemp Buds

In the recent years, the health benefits of CBD are increasingly becoming popular as cannabis research continues steadily after the relaxation of the restrictive laws across the world. The natural compound does not intoxicate unlike THC and is effective at treating many conditions that include epilepsy, PTSD, chronic pain and much more.

Moreover, studies have revealed that CBD is also a potent anti-inflammatory agent, with some neuroprotective and anti-anxiety properties. This explains why it has increasingly become popular as preventive medicine for those looking for an effective way to maintain their health.

Many people are now utilizing hemp to get CBD, as it is low in THC, which causes bad psychophysical effects. Today, CBD-rich buds or flowers from hemp plant have become a viable means of acquiring CBD. This has seen many farmers breading seedless hemp varieties with higher CBD levels.

What are the Benefits of CBD Hemp Buds?

  • They are Natural and Raw

CBD hemp buds are grown through organic means without using any pesticides. Besides, they are both natural and raw as they are produced with little processing.

The production of the CBD buds involves trimming and curing only without any extraction process. Therefore, the CBD bud products are free of contamination that would result from chemicals or solvents that are often used in the extraction process.

  • Offers the entourage effect

CBD hemp buds allow all the essential compounds present to work together synergistically in your body for more enhanced effects as compared to single-cannabinoid products. Therefore, these buds are likely to be more effective than many CBD concentrates and extracts as it includes a complete profile of cannabinoids with a minimal amount of THC, flavonoids, and terpenes.

  • Incredibly versatile

Finally, CBD hemp buds offer an extremely versatile way of treating a wide range of conditions as you can choose to either smoke, vaporize or cook. For instance, you can smoke hemp buds instead of tobacco, prepare a cup of hemp tea, make balms and salves or use them in baking a cake.

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